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Adaptec Flash Module 700 Kit (AFM-700)
3rd Gen Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection
Maximum Data Protection and Cost Savings

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Producy Description

Third Generation Cached Data Protection for 12Gb/s and 6Gb/s RAID Adapters
- Add-on module for Series 8 and Series 7
- Included with Series 8Q and Series 7Q
- Flash backup embedded into Adaptec 81605ZQ/81605Z

Real Time Health Monitoring
- Monitors health of cache protection
- Monitors capacity levels

Instant RAID Cache Protection
- Fully charged within four minutes instead of hours
- RAID performance optimized immediately
Maintenance-Free Cached
Data Protection

- Stores protected data for years
- No need to monitor battery charge level
- No shutdown required for battery replacement

Lower Operating Costs
- No monitoring, maintenance, replacement or disposal costs due to batteries

No Data Loss from Power Failures
- Replaces Lithium-ion batteries Single-Level Cell (SLC) Flash
- Faster writes and better reliability than Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Flash

Environmentally Conscious
- No toxic battery disposal
- Simplified IATA compliance
The Adaptec Flash Module 700 (AFM-700) provides Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP) for
Adaptec Series 8, Series 8Q/8ZQ (12Gb/s) and Series 7 and Series 7Q (6Gb/s) RAID adapters to protect data
in the controller cache without incurring monitoring, maintenance, replacement, or disposal costs.
Compatible Products 
12Gb/s RAID Adapters
• Adaptec RAID 8885
• Adaptec RAID 8805
• Adaptec RAID 8405
• Adaptec RAID 81605Z (flash backup embedded)
• Adaptec RAID 8885Q (included)
• Adaptec RAID 81605ZQ (flash backup embedded)

6Gb/s RAID Adapters
• Adaptec RAID 72405
• Adaptec RAID 78165
• Adaptec RAID 71685
• Adaptec RAID 71605
• Adaptec RAID 7805
• Adaptec RAID 71605Q (included)
• Adaptec RAID 7805Q (included)





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