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Backup Battery LSI- BBU-Module-03/04
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Backup Battery LSI- BBU-Module-03/04

Reference -oicp-lsibbumodule03-04
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Battery Backup Unit for 3Ware 9690SA, 9650SE, 9550SX, 9550SXu and 9590SE families

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• Missing Array Detection
• Dynamic Sector Repair
• Out of Band Signaling Retry
• Secondary Power Loss Support
• Drive Power-On Reset Detection
• Extensive Drive Timeout Recovery

Product Description

Secondary Power Loss Support
Safeguards data against power interrupts during system resumption 
Eliminates silent data loss by retaining unwritten data until user intervention


Missing Array Detection

Write Journaling
Uses and protects drive write cache for unmatched data protection and maximum performance


Dynamic Sector Repair
Increased drive reliability with on-the-fly correction of drive media errors


Drive Power-On Reset Detection
Enhances data protection by degrading a drive that may have lost data during transient power reset


Extensive Drive Timeout Recovery
Maximizes drive error recovery with intelligent timeout algorithm

Out of Band Signaling Retry
Ensures drive health during power-up with enhanced drive detection


Battery protection designed for up to 72 hours of use during power failure.

Works with these 3ware RAID controllers:
9690SA (-8I, -8E, -4I4E)
9650SE (-4LPML, -8LPML, -12ML, -16ML, -24M8)
9550SX/U (-4LP, -8LP, -12, -12MI, -12ML, -16ML)
9590SE  (-8ML, -12ML, -16ML)
3ware Sidecar (9650SE version)




Type Li-ion Battery

Rechargeable 1800mAh


Max charge Current 1800mA

Max Charge Voltage 4.2V

Rated  6.48 Watt-hours



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