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IMAQ PCI-1424 & NI-IMAQ, RS-422

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National Instruments IMAQ PCI-1424 RS-422 / Image Acquisition 32-bit Analog Module, for digital cameras

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IMAQ PCI-1424 & NI-IMAQ, RS-422


The National Instruments PCI-1424 digital image acquisition boards are designed to acquire color and grayscale images and to control digital cameras. Designed for high-speed, large-image, high-resolution digital image capture, they can capture into onboard memory up to 32 bits of data at a clock speed of 50 MHz, for a total acquisition rate of 200 Mbytes/s. Onboard memory (16 to 80 MB) gives you the flexibility to buffer images on the board for large image capture and sustained real-time throughput. The NI PCI-1424 boards are also designed for camera compatibility with resolutions of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 24, and 32 bits. Featuring high-speed data throughput, the PCI-1424 boards are ideal for both industrial and scientific applications. There are two versions of the NI PCI-1424. The RS-422/TTL model is compatible with RS-422 and TTL digital cameras, and the LVDS/TTL model is compatible with LVDS and TTL digital cameras.





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IMAQ PCI-1424 & NI-IMAQ, RS-422

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