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Matrox SOL 6M FC

Reference -oicp-matrox_sol6mfc
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Dual-Base or single-Medium up to 85 MHz Camera Link®
PCI-X frame grabber with 64 MB DDR SDRAM and cable adapter board.

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Matrox SOL 6M FC


  • x4 PCIe™ (eCL) or PCI-X® (XCL) card
  • handles two fully independent Base or a single Medium (eCL/XCL), or a single Full (eCL-F/XCL-F) Camera Link® configuration
  • acquires at up to 66/85 MHz
  • 64 MB acquisition buffer
  • captures from frame and line scan cameras
  • performs complete image reconstruction from multi-tap cameras with up to 10 taps
  • serial communication port(s) mapped as PC COM port(s)
  • support for rotary encoders with quadrature output
  • optional customizable FPGA-based processing core
  • programmed using Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) sold separately
  • supports 32/64-bit Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista®/7 and 32/64-bit Linux®
  • royalty-free redistribution of MIL’s image processing module




• x4 PCIe™ card or PCI/PCI-X® card with universal 64-bit card edge connector (64-bit 33/66 MHz 5V/3.3V PCI and 64-bit 66/100/133 MHz PCI-X®)
• 64MB of 83/100 MHz DDR SDRAM for acquisition
• handles two independent Base or a single Base/Medium
Camera Link® port(s) (eCL/XCL) or a single Base/Medium/Full
Camera Link® port (eCL-F/XCL-F)1
• Channel Link™ speed of up to 66/85 MHz
• supports frame and line-scan video sources
• full reconstruction from multi-tap sources
• four 4K x 12-bit and two 256 x 8-bit LUTs (eCL/XCL) or four 4K
x 12-bit and four 256 x 8-bit LUTs (eCL-F/XCL-F)
• six TTL configurable auxiliary I/Os
• four LVDS configurable auxiliary inputs
• four LVDS configurable auxiliary outputs
• separate LVDS pixel clock, hsync and vsync outputs
• four opto-isolated configurable auxiliary inputs
• serial communication port(s) mapped as PC COM port(s)
• optional customizable FPGA-based processing core3
- Altera® Stratix™ family5
- 64, 128 or 256MB of 100MHz DDR SDRAM
- 4 or 8MB of 133MHz QDR SRAM

Dimensions and environmental information
• 19.1 L x 11.4 H x 1.57 W cm (7.5” x 4.5” x 0.62”) from bottom edge of goldfinger to top edge of board and without bracket
• power consumption (typical): 2.75A @ 3.3v or 9.1W, 0.49A @ 5V or 2.4W, or 11.5W total6
• operating temperature: 0°C to 55° C (32° F to 131° F)
• relative humidity: up to 95% (non-condensing)
• FCC class A
• CE class A
• RoHS-compliant




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Matrox SOL 6M FC

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