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» » » Nappe IDE - ULTRA DMA ATA 133/100 (31inch)
Nappe IDE - ULTRA DMA ATA 133/100 (31inch)
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Nappe IDE - ULTRA DMA ATA 133/100 (31inch)

Reference -oicp-nappe-ide80cm
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IDE cable- 31.5 inch
Connection of a HDD or optical drive IDE to a motherboard

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IDE cable 31.5inch


Cable required to connect ULTRA DMA ATA-100/133 drives to the motherboard or controller that supports these formats.

They have an ID40H connector with 80 wires.

The connectors are supplied with the appropriate color code: blue for the controller, black for the master unit and gray for the slave.

Product features:

- Input connector: 1X IDE
- Output connector: 2x IDE
- Cable length: 31.5 

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IDE cable 31.5inch

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