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NI PCI-6713

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1MSPS, 12 bit, 8 Output, DAQ Device

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NI PCI-6713


National Instruments PCI-6713 Analog Output Device

Featured with 8 Analog Output Channels, 2 Counters, and 8 Digital Input/Output Channels,

the National Instruments PCI-6713 (Part Number: 777741-01) is a PCI based multifunction analog output, timing input/output, and DIO device.

This device is designed to operate as a plug and play unit entirely.

For each of its 8 analog output channels, a dedicated 12-bits digital-to-analog converter is provided that offers up to 1 MS per second update rates for voltage outputs.

This model also has eight 5 V TTL/CMOS compatible digital input/output lines.

It has 3 DMA channels with a scather-gather DMA mode, a 5V PCI master-slave bus interface.


The counter/timers incorporated in this device are 2 in number, have 24-bit resolution, and have a frequency of 20 MHz, 100 kHz.

It has 1 frequency scaler with base clocks of 10 MHz, 100 kHz.

The device has a maximum working voltage of ±11 V, CAT 1 for a channel-to-earth isolation; and ±22 V, CAT 1 for a channel-to-channel.

The PCI 6713 National Instruments supports hardware-based digital triggering as well.

This model comes equipped with DAQ-STC which makes possible selectable logic level, PFI lines, and frequency shift keying.

Moreover, the DAQ-STC also brings a variety of buffered operations, such as up/down control, equivalent time sampling,

single pulse generation, pulse train generation, buffered period, and semi-period measurements.

The NI device is equipped with a 68-pin male SCSI-II I/O connector.


The PCI 6713 Analog Output Device consumes 1.25 amperes at +5 VDC (±5%), whereas it offers +4.65 VDC to +5.25 VDC power at the I/O connector (at 1 A).

In addition to redundant counters/timers, 4-bit, 10 MHz, 100 kHz frequency scalers are also incorporated in this module.

This device is capable of identifying, measuring, and correcting for any of its calibration related errors.

The software program provided with the NI PCI-6713 device defines a self-calibration method.

The self-calibration process takes less than two minutes in most cases.

To ensure the integrity of self-calibration, this device comes with an onboard calibration reference as well.

The device measures 6.87 x 4.2 in. in physical dimensions.

It has a recommended operating temperature range of 0 to 50 °C.




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NI PCI-6713

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