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ADLINK PCI-6208 series are 8-CH, 16-bit, analog output cards

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  •  Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus
  • 16-bit D/A resolution (PCI-6208V and PCI-6216V)
  • Effective 15-bit resolution current transducers (PCI-6208A)
  • 8-CH voltage outputs (PCI-6208V and PCI-6208A)
  • 16-CH voltage outputs (PCI-6216V)
  • 8-CH current outputs (PCI-6208A)
  • Bipolar analog output range
  • 4-CH TTL digital inputs and 4-CH TTL digital outputs
  • Compact, half-size PCB



Voltage Output
Number of channels
• 8 voltage outputs (PCI-6208V & PCI-6208A)
• 16 voltage outputs (PCI-6216V)

Resolution: 16 bits

Monotonicity: 15 bits typical

Output ranges: ±10 V

Slew rate:10 V/μs typical

Settling time: 4 μs typical (20 V step)

Gain Error: ±0.2% maximum

DNL: ±0.65 LSB typical

Output driving capacity: ±5 mA maximum

Output initial status: 0 V

Data transfer: programmed I/O

Current Output
Number of channels: 8 current outputs (PCI-6208A)

Resolution: 15 bits typical

Monotonicity: 14 bits typical

Output ranges: (Software programmable)
0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 5-25 mA

Slew rate: 1.3 mA/μs typical

Settling time: 17 μs typical (20 mA step)

Span Error: ±0.3% typical

Output Initial Status: 4 mA
(after RESET or POWER-ON)

Data transfer: programmed I/O


Digital I/O
Number of channels: 4 inputs and 4 outputs

Compatibility: 5 V/TTL

Data transfers: programmed I/O





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