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Reference -PXI-6230 Module PXI
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PXI-6230 779616-01
Iso (voltage: 8 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs; 5 V TTL: 6 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs)

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The PXI_6230 is a channel group isolated data acquisition module for voltage I/O. It features analog I/O, digital inputs and outputs, two 32-bit counters, and digital triggering. Digital inputs and outputs are compatible with 5V TTL/CMOS signals. It combines the safety and performance of isolation with high-performance timing, amplification, and calibration technologies to deliver precise measurement and control. The PXI_6230 is ideal for test, measurement, control, and design applications in high voltage and electrical noise environments. You can use the PXI_6230 to read data from encoders, flow meters, proximity probes, and other controllers, pumps, and relays.

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