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FASTCOM ESCC-PCI High speed Synchronous Adapter Card COMMTECH

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The Commtech FASTCOM ESCC-PCI is a very high speed, dual channel, synchronous/asynchronous serial communications adapter based upon the Siemens 82532 Enhanced Serial Communication Controller (ESCC), and is designed for use in the PCI bus.

The FASTCOM: ESCC-PCI is designed to support data rates up to 10 Mbits/second (maximum data rates are affected by many factors, including computer performance, cable quality, and software overhead), and to reduce the hardware and software overhead needed for serial communications. Each sync/async channel on the FASTCOM: ESCC-PCI has its own DPLL encoder/decoder and programmable protocol support. In addition, a built-in 64 byte FIFO provides the FASTCOM: ESCC-PCI with a very high throughput as well as requiring less system CPU time than any other HDLC adapter. The FASTCOM: ESCC-PCI directly supports HDLC, X.25 LAP B, ISDN LAP D, SDLC, ASYNC, and BISYNC protocols, and features a high speed RS-422/RS-485 interface conforming to ANSI/EIA/TIA-530-A-1992 configuration (RS-530).






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