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OICP Introduction (Value Proposition)

Monday 01 October 2018
OICP Introduction (Value Proposition)

Obsolete Industrial Computer Products


Specialized in sourcing for obsolete computer components, in the assembly and validation of these components, according to the criteria defined by the industrialist who search a durable solution for any computer system. (Industrial PC and Server)





Our Value Proposition



  • Computer component search experience around the world

  • Listening to the customer to satisfy his specific requests 

  • Flexible in the purchasing process

  • Hardware assembly and OS installation on request 

  • The guarantee of having a system tested by our team

  • Our products are guaranteed 12 months minimum 

  • Many products in stock 

    • Real stock for online orderable products 

    • Quick delivery 

  • After Sales service

  • Possible recovery of your old computer equipment (on request)

OICP Specificity
  • The intensive use of computer and industrial parts in the production, acquisition and control systems of manufacturers leads to electronic systems that are in the development phase and have already obsolete computer parts.
  • Some computer systems (control / electronics) can be updated, and others can not be upgraded due to the qualification process, closed operating systems (OS).
    •  For these systems, the manufacturer can no longer guarantee the durability of his work tool.
  • The specialty of Obsolete Industrial Computer Products is the search for computer parts / controllers ,,,, obsolete (End of life), multibrand.
  • Parts are tested and provided to the customer with a 12 month warranty.
  • We can help you to find these parts End of Life and realize the complete integration of these parts according to your own specifications / needs and thus make your computer system sustainable.




Examples of realization




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  • Address :
    • OICP
    • 2 Rue de L’octroi 
    • 78410 AUBERGENVILLE 
    • FRANCE
    • Tèl: +33(0)1 83 43 97 21
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