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PCI-1409 NI IMAQ Video Frame Grabber Card

Reference -oicp-IMAQ PCI-1409
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National Instruments PCI-1409 NI IMAQ Video Frame Grabber Card

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The National Instruments PCI-1409/PXI-1409 image acquisition module offers quick and easy configuration when high-resolution, measurement-quality images from standard and nonstandard cameras and sensors are needed. These devices work with standard monochrome cameras, double-speed progressive scan cameras, slow or variable pixel clock cameras, and analog line-scan cameras. The PCI-1409/PXI-1409 has high-resolution, 10-bit digitization for cameras and sensors that offer 60 dB dynamic range.

The PCI-1409/PXI-1409 also have the following features:
•Unlimited acquisition window size with 16 MB of onboard memory
•4-channel monochrome image acquisition module for standard or nonstandard video sources
•Compatible with double-speed 60 frames/s progressive scan cameras
•Interlaced/noninterlaced acquisition
•Analog area and line-scan capabilities





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