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NI PCI-6509

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Multi-Function DAQ, National Instrument
NI PCI-6509
PCI-6509, 96 I/O Channel, 5 V, 24 mA, Digital I/O Device

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NI PCI-6509


The PCI‑6509 can directly drive external digital hardware such as solid state relays (SSRs).

Each port can be individually configured as an input or output and no external power supply is required for the outputs.
By using the programmable start states, you can configure the initial states of the outputs in the software

to ensure safe use when connecting to industrial actuators.

In the event of a computer or application failure, the PCI‑6509 can transition to a configurable exit state

and secure by using digital I/O watchdogs to detect and remedy the detected fault.

Programmable input filters eliminate voltage spikes and provide debounce for digital relays and matrix switches.

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NI PCI-6509

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