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Reference -oicp-pci-7442
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High-density 128-CH Isolated DIO/DI/DO Cards
PCI-7442 : 64-CH Isolated DI and 64-CH Isolated DO card

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■ Supports universal 32-Bit 3.3 V and 5 V PCI bus, plug-and-play
■ High-density, opto-isolated digital input and/or digital output
• PCI-7442: 64-CH digital input and 64-CH digital output
• PCI-7443: 128-CH digital input
• PCI-7444: 128-CH digital output
■ 1250 VRMS isolation voltage
■ Programmable Change-of-State (COS) detection for all
digital input channels
■ Voltage protection of up to 28 V for isolated input
■ Dry contact input (PCI-7442 only)
■ Up to 300 mA high-output driving capability for all output
■ 250 mA sink current on isolated output channels
■ Digital output status read back function
■ Digital output value retained after hot system reset
■ Programmable power-up DO initial status
■ Programmable safety DO status functions when
WDT interruption occurs
■ Watchdog timer counter prevents system crashes
(PCI-7442/PCI-7444 only)
■ 32-CH programmable TTL I/O function
■ Board ID feature
■ Supported Operating System
• Windows 7/8 x64/x86, Linux




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